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A way to peace:
Education to Human Rights and Democratic Citizenship

TARGET GROUP: Italian students between 13 and 18 years old

WHERE: E.I.P. Italy schools' network involved in this project

HOW LONG: three meetings each school

The project will be spread out at a national and European level:
· National level: E.I.P. Italy Annual Awarding Contest - each school will be required to write a text (essay, poetry, article or report), to create a logo, to shoot a short movie or a spot. Products will be evaluated by the E.I.P. Italy jury and the best works will be awarded in the prizing ceremony, which takes place in May.
· European level: the whole project and its outcomes will be visible on the E.I.P. Italy web site ( and on the Citoyen de l'Europe - Série "Profession journaliste" web site.

This project aims at training students through the peer education as tutor for peace and human rights education.
It will focus, mainly in a European dimension, on the topics more attractive for young people but at the same time which are not very visible in the media perspective. These themes are related to the possibility of participating actively in the decision making processes, in order to build up an intercultural dialogue and civil cohesion,.
"Roots to grow…wings to fly" gives to participants a complete framework of present European policies, using methods which go beyond the stereotypes and make such topics accessible and interesting in the social, economical, institutional, juridical and cultural UE context.

1. FIRST MODULE: introduction to the relationships between the European Union and Human Rights. The Council of Europe and "2005 European Year of Citizenship through Education" and young policies: what outcomes? Analysis of the Year with references to the International Conference "EYCE - National Experiences, European Challenges" (Berlin, 2 - 4 December 2005)
2. SECOND MODULE: Analysis of "Compass - A manual on Human Rights Education with Young people": Human Rights as tools for building up a "transculture". Knowing (knowledge and comprehension), doing (abilities) and being (behaviour and values). The example of "EU Commission White paper. A new impetus for European Youth". Focus on the importance of Plan D (D as Democracy, Dialogue and Debate), formally presented to press and public opinion in the video conference on 13th October 2005 by the EU Commission Vice-president Margot Wallström: after a general crisis felt by citizens, this plan of action shows new and empowered strategies of communication between EU representatives and people, addressing first of all to politicians in order to use a clearer and more accessible way of speaking to transmit information. These strategies could be adopted by the 45 Member States of the Council of Europe in their local and national media (mostly newspapers and TVs), to create a deeper confidence in the European project. In the 36 months the participants will be part of a sort of Observatory: they'll follow the developments of Plan D, observing on several European newspapers challenges and progresses, reporting periodically their point of view and writing to Margot Wallström's Blog on her home page.
3. THIRD MODULE: Representation as a right to act rights. The importance and the meaning of voting: what represent and be represented means in the European Union. Simulation game as practice of active democracy.

Peer education

1. Frontal lecturing
2. Home groups
3. Simulation game



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